Why There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Life Partner

Why There’s No Such Thing as a Perfect Life Partner

Everyone who wishes to get into a marriage is looking for a “perfect life partner”. What they do not realise is that it’s easier to find the Himalayan Yeti, the Lock Ness Monster or even snow in summer than to discover the perfect spouse. This exists only in our romantic imagination, in our dreams, in the books and the movies.

Let’s get realistic. Remember, each one of us has our share of flaws that we simply fail to recognise or accept. We have our friends with whom we don’t agree on everything. We have a family where everyone has their opinion on something. All this should easily tell us that nobody’s perfect in this world. All are normal people with a fair share of improvements to make.

In fact, perfection does not exist in anything, leave alone relationships.

Leave the romantic illusion behind of a perfect partner who’ll meet all your expectations. Accept the fact that both partners have to be empathetic of each others weaknesses. That leaves you with less chances of being disappointed and offers more chances of being loved.

Compatibility is all about managing your differences in a relationship. The beauty of a relationship lies in the differences. Understand that and you’ll be happy. Learn to appreciate every little thing in the other person. Love will certainly unfold and so will happiness.

Two Imperfect People Can Create A Perfect Relationship. This Is How.


One should not wait for the right person or expect their partner to be perfect. This video gives you insights on how, by becoming the right person yourself and being the source of your own happiness, you can create a perfect happy relationship.

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7 years ago

very well written article

tats some advice for Just married and soon to be married people!