How to be the Right Person?

How to be the Right Person?

It’s normal to search for the right person in your journey to a happy marriage. But, it’s more important to be the right person, and be found.

The secret to a happy marriage lies in being the right person. Let’s take a look at what you’d like in the right person and you’ll be surprised how this helps you become the right one that everyone’s looking for.

1. Respects me

Exactly, we all need to be respected for what we are and our opinions. Remember, they’re also looking for the same. Begin to respect the people in your life and you’ll surely be liked by the person who’ll find you.

2. Understands me

We all want the world to understand us. The moment we begin to understand our brothers, sisters, parents and friends, we suddenly begin to see life become more meaningful. Relationships becoming enriched.

3. Supports me in my passion/career

With a bit of patience and without any expectations you must support your life partner in pursuing her or his interests. You will begin to see the reciprocation in love and the bonds will strengthen further.

4. Bonds well with my family

When you care and love the partner’s family, your partner will feel and understand the genuine warmth and love you have. In no time you’ll discover that your love for each other is growing faster than you expected.

5. Loves me

From childhood, we all long for love. We are trained to search and seek it. But, if we start loving someone we’ll discover new energy in us. Giving makes us more happy than receiving. Start to love and see the positive change in yourself.

Being the right person is the first step to a happy journey called marriage.

Be the right person before looking for one. Watch this to know why.


Before looking for the right person to be your life partner, you must become the right person for somebody to choose you. Watch this video to know why.

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Sagar . New delhi
Sagar . New delhi
8 years ago

Happy marriage depends on a simple rule.
Respect love and understanding.
Happy lives to happy couples
8 years ago

It is good blog.