Respecting each other’s space in a relationship

Respecting each other’s space in a relationship

Respecting each other’s space is very critical to finding true happiness in a good relationship. This is true not just for couples, but any meaningful relationship in life.

“Like the bonfire which seems to tell us “you stay in your space and I in mine and I can give you warmth. If you step into my space I may burn you a bit,” explains Mahatria while talking about the need for personal space for an individual to grow and be happy.

Relationships are like two separate circles spaced apart, it can’t become one. It can only intersect and have a common area. There’s still my life and your life.

You will appreciate “our space” only when you step into “my space,” experience it and return. When there’s space for each other, it allows greater scope for bonding between the couple. It offers growth of one’s personality through the freedom to think and do things that are fulfilling for the individual.

It becomes easier to understand each other when you give the freedom to the other to enjoy their space. And when you constantly experience “your space”, the intersecting “our space” expands and becomes wonderful.

The bond between two people grows stronger when there’s space to breathe. Deeper the roots, taller the tree and stronger is an old Indian saying.

Providing each other space is the key to a happy relationship. Here is why.


In a marriage, even though the husband and the wife spend their life with each other, it is essential for both to maintain their own space and identity independent of each other. This video explains why beautifully.

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