Why getting to know each other before marriage can really help

Why getting to know each other before marriage can really help

It’s important to get to know each other better as you undertake the beautiful journey.

No matter how busy you are with your career or other pre-occupations, make sure you set aside quality time for your life partner. This will not only build a strong foundation for your marriage, but also lets you enjoy each other’s company better.

Accepting each other as you are

None of us are perfect. Accept your partner’s shortcomings and cherish their strengths. Acceptance paves the way for a harmonious relationship. Appreciate the little things that your partner does for you and make him or her feel special.

Look at spouse’s point of view

Our way of looking at the world and life is greatly related to our upbringing, circumstances and environment. This makes each of us unique and different. However, when it comes to marriage, it’s all about two different people coming together and though there may be individual differences, both must agree on key areas. Make sure you understand your partner’s point of view on key areas like family style, having kids and career.

Understanding each other’s family

In the Indian context, as they say, it’s not two individuals who marry, it’s two families. A smooth relationship with your in-laws can make life a pleasanter and more enriching experience. Learn more about your in-laws, their likes and dislikes, this will help you quickly understand their lifestyle.

Know your spouse’s values and strong beliefs

It’s very important to understand what your partner strongly feels about relationships, finance, kids and more. After all, values and belief systems are what make us. Knowing a little about what values are dear to him will make you comfortable and equipped to deal with things after marriage.

As you go forward you will understand how compatible you are and there will be lesser surprises once you are married.

Getting to know each other is a must before marriage. Find out why right here.


Knowing about your partner intimately before marriage helps create a level of deep connection and understanding. It contributes to a long and happy married life. See this video to understand why this is important.

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This is a very nice blog and very helpful I really like all these suggestions.