How to Manage Household Chores Together?

How to Manage Household Chores Together?

Mutual support post marriage is essential for a healthier and happier relationship for all couples.

Now that you are finally married, there is a lot more in life to think over, carefully consider and plan. Among the many essential things that need cooperation from your spouse and mutual coordination post-marriage, is household chores. While the very term leads to yawns and a lazy feel, you cannot help but admit that they are an essential part of any family or home.

Talk out and plan clearly

To begin with, the thumb rule is to discuss how to divide your chores and household responsibilities between yourself and your spouse. As the lady of the house, you need to realize that you have to shoulder a lot more than you bargained for!

It is almost a given that both of you must have separate responsibilities towards each of your careers. However, this in no way lessens any of your responsibilities for regular stuff such as paying the electricity bills, washing the dishes or keeping tab on your expenses! A fun way to remain unburdened with so much at hand is to diplomatically divide these tasks between the two of you.

Divide and frame a routine for chores

Probably, one of you is quicker at calculations and the other is better at driving down for grocery shopping. Once you know what activity ticks better with you, you would be able to decide who could take care of the bills and who could do the dishes. Making sure that both of you have mutually agreed upon doing these chores. This will help you avoid any tiff or bickering. In case you are always in a rush rush situation daily, sit and plan it out over the weekend. Talk out clearly as to what your priorities on the household end, for the week, are! This will save time and could also ease your nerves.

If either or both of you are forgetful, keep a diary with notes on important dates, your planned routine for tasks at hand and the like. Sticky notes on your refrigerator could help since it is one of the most visited at home! The best part here is that marriage not only brings two people together but also helps them connect via such simple means. As they rightly say, since marriage is for keeps, itsy-bitsy things such as doing household chores together turn a couple into soul mates, over and above being partners.

The bottom-line while deciding on who does what chore at home is important. You need to understand that your spouse is not your twin. Both of you are individuals with his or her own way of doing things. So what if your hubby puts the dishes on the kitchen top without patting them dry? Forget that such things are of paramount importance. They are necessary but the joy of sharing chores is too much to let you interfere into your partner’s way of completing these.

You are sure to experience a feeling of completeness when you tick off all your household chores with joint effort. This actually helps you strengthen your marital bond. One helpful idea that helps you manage chores better is to take the aid of a domestic help. Since both of you have jobs to rush to daily, it would be pragmatic to hire a help to come in over the weekends. That way, the dusting, mopping and clean-up needs for your house can be easily tackled. Moreover, both of you would get ample “we” time too!

Maintain a healthy balance between romance and responsibilities. Once you get a better grasp over doing this, even household chores would transform from being a compulsion to being an activity that seals trust in your partner forever!

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