Stay healthy and fit as a couple

Stay healthy and fit as a couple

With hectic lifestyles, fitness is one goal that must be at the top of couples’ minds.

However, while one could be a fitness freak, the other might be lax when it comes to diet and exercise. Here are 5 tricks that can help couples remain fit and healthy without much effort.

Keep a tab on what you eat

While binging is a favourite pastime of young people, they often forget the havoc this wrecks within our bodies. Couples must discuss what their weaknesses are when it comes to food. While occasional indulgence is fair, you must draw the line somewhere. If you have lesser self-control, ask your spouse to ensure that you do not eat such stuff while both of you are together. Make it a point to stop ordering those French Fries with burgers or even cheesy pizza. No matter how stressed you are, try to cook something healthy at home. Ask your spouse to join you in the cooking session instead of ordering fatty fast food.

Gymming together helps

Get a joint membership to the gym near you. In fact, this will not just make you enjoy more time with each other but save ample money too. Keep tab on how much weight each of you have lost and indulge in some healthy competition. This will make you fitter and closer to each other as well.

Dieting doesn’t have to spell misery

While dieting often involves making do with bland food that you would never touch otherwise, make it fun while you do it along with your spouse. Set dates with each other and order only healthy food like salads, soups and grilled fish. Occasionally, treat yourself to your favorite spicy and rich dishes to break the monotony. In fact, you can have two separate diet charts and could exchange one with the other according to your mood. Indulge in some fun diet food cookery sessions with your spouse and bond like never before.

Meditate together

While physical exertion and exercising are the best ways to maintain a fit body, meditation is a great tool for mental and emotional wellbeing. It rejuvenates you from within while ensuring that both of you spend some relaxed time with each other minus the stress of life. There are special couple classes in most centers in all major cities of India.

Work as a team and motivate each other

Never once make fun, if your other half is slightly on the upper end of the weighing scale. As a partner, it is your duty to make him or her feel happy about following a fitness timetable. Your role could be like a coach and a friend who participates with your partner to make him or her feel positive about remaining fit and healthy. Be a constant source of motivation for each other so that you can achieve your health goals as quickly and effectively as possible.

Say cheers to a new and fitter you. Of course, your marriage will get fitter too!

The importance of staying fit


Looking for tips to stay healthy and fit, both physically and mentally? Sadhguru breaks it down for you in this video.

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