Learn how to build trust in your marriage

Learn how to build trust in your marriage

Trust is like a delicate thread that holds a marriage together. Learn how to build trust.

It is probably the most important ingredient in laying a strong foundation, and no relationship can survive in its absence. Building trust in a marriage is both a conscious and an unconscious process, which means that it is never too early or late to make deliberate efforts to strengthen the core of your relationship. Here are a few ways you can earn the trust of your partner and make your love bond rock solid.

Don’t hesitate to apologize

Saying “sorry” does not make you a lesser person but it goes a long way in healing the anger or hurt you may have knowingly or unknowingly caused to your partner. More than anything, it assures your partner that they are important to you and that you care about their feelings.

Be supportive in every sphere

Standing by your partner’s side in every situation is an important element in building everlasting trust. Whether your partner made a mistake or is flawed in his or her outlook, don’t be judgmental or reprimand in public. Always take your partner’s side and reserve any debates or arguments for later when you both are alone. Opposing your partner in public will only make them feel attacked and vulnerable.

Be forgiving

Practicing forgiveness in your relationship will prevent hurt, anger and resentment from building up. When you partner is sure than you do not harbour any bitter or negative feelings towards them, they will be more loving and supportive towards you. Resolve any issues as soon as you can and avoid playing the blame game.

Make marriage your priority

Take interest in your partner and give them all your love, care and attention. Do whatever is within your reach to make them happy and try to fulfill their needs and expectations. When your spouse knows that they are your priority, it becomes much easier for them to trust you.

Keep your promises

Even children in kindergarten know that a person who does not keep promises cannot be trusted. When you say something, mean it from you heart and follow through with your commitments if you wish your partner to perceive you as a reliable, trustworthy person.

Don’t leak secrets

Marriage is the most intimate relationship of all and your spouse will often share things with you, which they have never shared with anyone before. If your spouse has bared their vulnerabilities to you, respect that faith and refrain from discussing the same with anyone else, even your parents or in-laws. Even a slight breach of trust may lead to a situation where your spouse is wary of sharing things with you.

Be honest and truthful

Never keep secrets from your spouse, and never lie. Lack of honesty is often the most common reason for the loss of trust between couples. Be it mundane happenings of the day or your deepest feelings, share them openly with your spouse. Don’t be secretive about where you are going or who you are meeting, and don’t give your partner any reasons to doubt your loyalty.

How are relationships built?


The foundations of a relationship is cemented by trust. But, the road is not always easy. Watch this video to know more.

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