9 body language signals every husband should understand

10 body language signals every husband should understand

What women say is not always what they mean. Observe their body language carefully.

Signs your wife is angry

Anger is expressed in many ways, it’s not always that a woman shouts and screams the house down, sometimes it’s expressed differently. Watch out for the narrowing of the eyes and a tightly closed mouth. Sometimes, this includes a head tilt and tightly clenched or closed fists. When she is angry, move stay away till the anger defuses.

Is she depressed?

If your wife has been constantly biting her nails, skin picking or showing repetitive behaviour, something could be wrong. She could be anxious or depressed. If you ask her to stop, this could make things worse. Instead show your support by gently pulling her hand away and comfort her by holding it. This will help her let go of those negative emotions.

Is something making your wife unhappy?

If your wife wipes away an imaginary tear, she could be harbouring some sadness deep inside. Pinching the bridge of the nose and closing the eyes also indicates unhappiness. Hug her and show her you are there for her.

Is your wife feeling lonely?

If you are too caught up with your career and other responsibilities, chances are that your wife feels lonely. When you both walk, does she walk several paces ahead or behind you, if so, this shows that she feels a lack of connection. Walk in step with her and also sit down and talk to find out what’s bothering her.

How to find out if she’s indecisive

There are times when you have to take a joint decision and want to know if your wife has made up her mind. The signs are quite clear, see if she appears impatient or pushy and shows gestures like extended eye contact and leaning in close, give her more time to think.

Is your wife telling the truth?

If your wife has open palms while speaking, it shows the truth. If she covers her face with her hand while speaking, touches her nose or rubs her eyes while talking or scratches her neck, she could be a bit far from truth. Do not confront her but gently find out why she’s hiding something or afraid to discuss with you.

Is she flirting with you?

There’s nothing that a husband loves more than his wife flirting playfully. A woman’s courtship rituals include raising eyebrows and lower their lids, looking up and to the side at a man in a lingering ‘come hither’ glance, tossing the hair, touching the neck, running the finger over the lips or body and so on. When you notice, these signs, take the opportunity to whisk her off to a romantic rendezvous.

Catch her in a relaxed mood

Is there something important you need to discuss or share some happy news? Find out when your wife is in a relaxed mood. Observe her breathing pattern. If you see her abdomen and chest expand with each inhalation and she’s taking deep rhythmic breaths, she’s relaxed. However, if her stomach pulls in with each inhalation as she takes shallow breaths, this is a sure sign of stress. Stay away.

What do cold hands signify?

When your woman has really cold hands, this is a sign of stress. This is because women’s bodies are designed in such a way that their cores stay warmer than their extremities. Your immediate instinct might be to massage her hands, but the real trick is to instead put your arm around her waist. This is not just romantic but will warm her core and make the blood to flow back into her hands warming them.

These body language signals should help you relate to your wife in a whole new way.

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