7 Ways to Get Along With Your Mother-in-law and Make Your Husband Fall in Love

7 Ways to Get Along With Your Mother-in-law and Make Your Husband Fall in Love

Treat your mother-in-law like your mom and your husband will treat you like a queen.

Think of her as your mother, not mother-in-law

The first thing to do is to change your mindset towards your mother-in-law, consider her as your mother and everything will change. She’s been there and done that and managed the family, appreciate, learn and you’ll be happy.

Respect her experience and wisdom

Show you respect her by asking for suggestions, her wisdom and experience will open your eyes to many new things. When your mother-in-law says something contrary to what you think is right especially in terms of running the home or taking care of kids, don’t dismiss it. Take some time to listen to it.

Show genuine interest in what she likes

Take that extra effort to keep her happy. Take a keen interest in things she likes, if she enjoys reading, gift her some books. If she loves gardening, gift her some garden tools and spend time with her gardening. Bonding over activities she enjoys can bring both of you closer.

Remember that your husband and she have a special relationship

Your husband has a special bond with his mother, accept it and don’t feel jealous or try to create a rift. This can leave your husband in a dilemma over whom to support.

Arguments don’t get you anywhere

The sure-fire way to create a rift in a relationship is to start an argument and this can flare up to the point that permanent scars are left. Remember, that winning an argument is not worth damaging a relationship. Listen to your mother-in-law’s point of view and express yourself gently.

Do not compare her with anyone else

Each person is unique and it’s not fair to compare one to another. Never fall into trap of comparing her with others, that will ultimately leave you feeling upset.

Focus on what’s positive in her

All of us have our flaws, ignore the flaws and look out for the positive side of her. You’ll find plenty for sure.

Remember building a good relationship with your mother-in-law does not happen instantly. It takes consistent time and effort but the result will make all happy. Especially you.

A cordial relationship with your mother-in-law can improve your married life exponentially.


Relationships are an exchange of energies. Watch this video to know more about how you can make any relationship in your life, including that with your mother-in-law, a successful one.

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