I Wanted Someone I Could be Friends With: Samah Visaria

I Wanted Someone I Could be Friends With

A marketing professional by qualification, author Samah Visaria is working towards a career in storytelling. A keen enthusiast of films, fashion, food and fitness, her ultimate goal is to travel the world. She lives in Mumbai with her best friend Anuj Bakshi who also happens to be her husband. Check out her latest book by Penguin India “Encounters of a Fat Bride“.

Q. What were the key things you looked for while choosing a life partner?

A.I found my life partner Anuj Bakshi at a young age. I wanted someone I could be friends with, crack jokes with, talk nonsense with. Someone who is simple, not fussy, and is easy to please.

Q. Was there anything you were not willing to compromise on?

A . I would not tolerate someone who doesn’t laugh at my jokes.

Q. Being married recently, is there anything new you’re discovering about relationships?

A. Yes, definitely. The more the laughs, the better the marriage/relationship.

Q. As a couple are there any daily rituals that bond you together? (coffee, morning walks, exercise together…)

A. Oh yes, totally. Anuj and I love doing activities together. I think 90 percent of the reason we got married was to exercise together and binge-watch TV shows. We Netflix and chill a lot.

Q. As a writer, there’s a need for regular work hours, how are you finding that space to do your own things?

A. I treat writing like a 9 to 5 job. I work out of an office. I’m usually either writing or promoting my work. If on certain days I am unable to write productively I spend time reading up about marketing books, latest trends, and other basic research regarding my field.

Q. Tell us something that you’ve understood about men, post marriage.

A. Men don’t believe in towel racks.

Q. While researching and writing “Encounters of a Fat Bride”, what did you identify as key challenges of Madhurima Pandey.

A. I needed to portray a heavy subject in a light-hearted way. Madhurima’s character had to carry a tragic subject in a comical manner and that was a challenge. The story deals with many serious issues like body shaming, social anxiety and gender stereotyping and to bring it out in a positive, jocular manner was tricky.

Marriage is teamwork and you must accept all aspects of a person for a loving relationship.


Don't you just love it when you find your best friend in your spouse? Marriage is a package deal, with efforts from both sides. Know more in this video.

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A writer who loves to explore the world of relationships. When he’s not writing, he travels to the mountains. His favourite pastime is walking in the rain, he says. Lives in Simla.

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