best nicknames list for husband

When couples have a happy marriage, they tend to lovingly create nick names for their partner. We are sure you’re enjoying a good relationship with your husband and that’s why you’re looking for a nick name. So, well here are the top 100 nick names list for a loving and caring husband, choose one that best fits yours.

Why use nicknames for your husband in the first place?

There could be many reasons to use a nickname, a few of the reasons are here:

  • It will make him feel special
  • That unique name could switch him to a happy mood
  • He would feel the warmth of your love in that name
  • It would remind him of the bond that you share
  • It reminds him that you are always thinking about him
  • Also he will know that you still love him
  • This could even help end a fight

If you haven’t yet called him by a nickname, here is a list of nicknames from which you can choose according to your partner’s personality.

Cutest nicknames for your husband

Is your husband cute and do you want to give him a cute nickname? Wondering what you can call him? Then here we are to help you with some cute nicknames for husband. You can choose the one which suits him the best from this list.

Boo Boo

If he likes to be a baby then this is the name you should call him.


If you feel he is cute, you could call him Pookie.


This is another cute nickname you can call.

Cutie Patootie

If you feel he is too cute, you could call him cutie patootie.


If he acts silly or funny and makes you laugh, then you should go by this name.


Is he always smiling? Then this is the right name you can give.


Is he plain on the outside but warm inside? Then call him momo.


Love him giggle? Then call him giggles.

Snuggle Bear

If you feel he is chubby and bubbly and feels safe in his arms, you could call him so.

Panda bear

You could call him so if he loves cuddling and is also sensitive to your needs.

Teddy bear

Is he huge, cute, and soft as a teddy? You can call him a teddy bear.

Baby love

Is he your baby and your love? then call him by this nickname.

Love bug

If you are struck by love, call him your love bug.


This is just another nickname that casually sounds cute.

Mister Cutie

If you just want to call him cute with some respect.

Twinkling star

If he guides you and directs your path in life, he can be called a twinkling star.


If he is also your best friend you can call him “Amigo” which means friend.


If he is as cute and plump as a bunny and finds him active, you could call him so.


If he is too cute to handle, then call him this.

Gol Guppa

If you like Gol Guppa, you should be calling him by this name.


Does he have dimples, then please call him by this name.


If he is cute like a baby, call him this.


If you found his childish behaviour, you could call him kiddo.

Naughty Monster

Is he naughty? Does he play a prank on you? Then you can call him a naughty monster.


If he is polite, friendly, caring, and loving like the pooh bear, call him a Winnie.

Bumble bee

If he is busy as a bee, call him a bumble bee.

Macho man

If he is muscular, you can call him by this nickname.


If you feel he is protective of you.


Romantic Nicknames for your dear Husband

Happy marriages are all about love, care and romance. Is your husband romantic? Want to try giving him some romantic nicknames? Here is a list of romantic names you can choose for your husband. We are sure both of you will love these nicknames.

Big guy

If he is manly, you can call him by this nickname.

My kind

If he is like a piece of your lost puzzle and is the only one who gets you and can read you, then he is your kind.


If you feel he is a hero, call him Hercules.

Curly locks

If your man has curly hair, then go call him by this name.


If he is beloved to you, you can call him by this name.


Is he the Romeo in your love story? you can then call him a Lover.

Mr. Right

If he is right all the time, you can call him Mr. Right.

Master of my universe

If he is your world, give him this nickname.


If he is really beloved to you, call him beloved.

Biriyani Monster

Does he love biriyani? Then you must call him by this nickname. If he has another food as his favourite, you can replace biriyani with that food.


This also means a lover, so you feel so, you can also use this name.


Is he the Tarzan to your jungle? If he is passionate about you, call him Tarzan.


Is he brave? Call him Bahadur.

Captain of love

If he is the captain of your ship of love, then call him so.


If he is the most romantic person, you can call him Romeo.


Is he your Prince Charming? Then he deserves the title.


They are seafaring pirates. If you were robbed of your heart, then go ahead and call him by this nickname.


If you knew Laila, then you know who Majnu is. If he is crazy about you, you call him by this name.

My Only One

If you know he was, is, and will be your only one, then you can call him so.


If he is your darling, you can call him Jaanam.

My sunshine

If his face or his smile brightens your mood, then he is your sunshine.


In Urdu, this poetic word means lover. If he is a romantic poet, this is the best name to call.

My Everything

You by now know if he is your everything, and if that is the case you can call him this.

Other half

If he solves the missing pieces of your puzzle, you can call him your other half.

My true love

If your love is pure and true, you can call him your true love.


If you found a friend for your soul, he is your soulmate.

My Valentine

Met on valentine’s day? Does his birthday fall on this day? Then you can call him your valentine.

My smilemaker

If he is the reason for your smile, this is the apt name for him.

All Mine

Are you possessive about him? If so, you can call him all yours.

Mr. Attractive

If he is attractive, you can just call him this.

Mr. Handsome

Is he handsome? Then you should call him so.

My dear

If you feel he is very dear to you, call him your dear.


Yes, wondering why? If you are his beauty, then he is your beast.

Mr. Perfect

Ever felt he is like Mr. Perfect? Then he deserves this name.

Mr. Good looking

He looks good? Call him by this nickname.

Mr. Killer looks

Do you feel he is out of the world and looks stunning, you can then give him this nickname.


If he is a warm person, call him by this nickname.


If he is well groomed and fashionable, he is your Ken and you are his Barbie.


Was he the most wanted bachelor? then you can call him so.


If he is your darling, call him so.

My Angel

Feel he is an angel from heaven? then he deserves this title.

Amore Mio

Want an Italian nickname? Call him Amore Mio, which means “My Love”.


If he is dominating but in a loving way, then he is your Alpha.


Can he take care of a lot of things and also manage home and family? Then he is a rockstar.

My Hero

If he is the hero of your life, you must call him a hero.

My Knight

If he is always there for you, then he is your knight.

Favourite Man

If he is your favourite, then he has to be called so.

My World

If he is your World, you should call him so.

My Drug

If you are addicted to him and can’t stop thinking about him, then he is your drug.

Key to my heart

If he can open your heart, then this is the nickname you should choose.

Man of my life

If you find him to be the man of your life, then this is the name for him.

Mi Amor

Want to try a Spanish nickname, try “Mi Amor” which means My love.


If you found your treasure in him, then he can be named so.

Heart Throb

If he makes your heart beat faster, then he is your heart throb.

Super Man

If you feel he has superpowers, then you should call him Super Man.

Dream Guy

Is he the man of your dreams? Then call him your dream guy.


Sweet and Sugary Nicknames for your Husband

Does one of you love sugar, sweets, cakes and so on? Do any of you have a sweet tooth? Here we have curated a list of sweet nicknames for your husband. Choose your pick from this list of sweet nicknames and have fun.

Honey Bun

If he is as sweet as a honey bun, you can call him by this name.

Love Muffin

If he is sweet as a muffin and loves you, you can call him so.

Gummy bear

If this is his or your favourite candy, call him so.

Sugar Puff

Doesn’t this sound sweet? Yes! So go call him if he is sweet and cute.


If you love pancakes, you should name him the same.


If he is as sweet as a cupcake, you can call him so.

Cotton candy

Is he soft and sweet like cotton candy? Then this name suits him right.

My sweet boy

If he is really sweet and enchanting, you can use this nickname.


If he is red as an apple or is the apple of your eyes.

Honey badger

If he is as cute and soft as a honey badger, you can call him by this name.


If he is kind, you can call him Chava.


If he is sweet, you can use this nickname.

Hot chocolate

If you feel he is hot and sweet as a hot chocolate, choose this nickname.


If he is sweet as a moonpie, call him by this name.

Sweet cheeks

If you like his cheeks, you can choose this name.


Is he soft and sweet as a marshmallow? Then you should call him so.

Sugar daddy

If he loves pampering you with gifts and taking you out on vacations, then this is his name.


Is he a lover of sweets? Then you can call him a sweet-tooth.


If he is sweet as a Jalebi, you can call him Jalebi.


If he is really a sweetheart, then he deserves this name.


If he is like sweet laddu, you can call him so.


If he is a sweetie, call him so.

Honey Bunny

Is he sweet and cute? You can call him a Honey bunny.


If he is sweet as honey, you can use this famous nickname.


If you like this fruit, you can also name him chikoo.


If he is the sugar to your day, call him by this name.

Sweet boy

If he is sweet, call him sweet boy.


If he is full of sweetness, you can call him by this honeypot.


Funny Nicknames to name your Husband

Do you or your husband love humour? Thinking of selecting a funny nickname for your husband? Then here is a list of funny nicknames for your husband. Pick the one that will best suit your husband and also the one you will enjoy calling him.

Funny Hunny

Is he both funny and cute at the same time? Then call him by this nickname.


This name is called when you win a bingo game. If you feel he is lucky, you can call him bingo.


If he is daring to try any extreme sports like skydiving or bungee jumping, then he is a daredevil.


If he is slow in doing things, you can call him by this nickname.


If he is fat and chubby, you can call him motu.


If he loves spending more time with his guys than you, you can call him a bromancer.


If he is a prankster and enjoys fun, he can be called a natkhat.

Snoring Lion

Does your husband snore loud? Then this nickname is for him.

Sir Crankster

Does your husband get cranky easily? Then this is the right name.

King of lazy land

Is he very lazy? then you make fun with this name.

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