How to be Spiritually Intimate with Spouse

Why be Spiritually Intimate with Spouse

Spiritual closeness among couples is important to walk on a path that both can accept.

It has no grand ambitions, it has no rigid rules, it does not visibly manifest itself, it merely promises inner equanimity, like your shadow it walks by your side all through your life. It is your spiritual self.

We’ll define spiritual life as life that is focused on the human spirit. This is as opposed to material life whose focus is the human body and physical acquisitions.

Spouses are duty bound to first satisfy the basic needs of life. As long as this quest for the basic needs is within the bounds of conscience there is no clash between the material and spiritual life of spouses.

Why be spiritually intimate?

This is why spiritual intimacy between spouses is paramount. Husband and wife must discuss their spiritual life as often as they discuss their material life. Basic to a spiritual life is the desire for spiritual growth. Husband and wife should discuss what they value, what they hold sacrosanct and the beliefs that add purpose to their lives.

When couples do not stray from the established path they will be in a state of harmony with themselves and others and there will be harmony in both their material and spiritual lives. If on the other hand, couples desist from their perceptions of values and beliefs they will feel untrue to themselves and their spouses.

How do couples become spiritually intimate?
  • A good beginning will be to discuss their values and beliefs.
  • Accept the values and beliefs of the other
  • Couples could pray together, meditate and involve in other spiritual activities.
  • Be forgiving of the other’s shortcomings.
    Involve in acts of charity and other altruistic activities.
  • Relax together.
  • Don’t set the bar too high
  • Accept the fact that in some cases progress can be slow.

Most couples readily agree that there is close coordination between them when it comes to issues in the material life. They readily agree that there is little or no conscious closeness between them when it comes to spiritual intimacy.

Spiritual intimacy enhances the bond

Not many couples are aware that spiritual intimacy improves contentment in their lives. It gives them greater control over their lives, helps build a positive relationship between them and adds purpose and meaning to their lives.

Whatever may be the existing level of spiritual intimacy between them, they have to start to consciously cultivate and strengthen a spiritual relationship. After all it’s never too late to make a beginning. And more importantly spiritual intimacy adds more fullness and meaning to lives.

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