50 Best Birthday Gifts for Husband after Marriage

Best Birthday Gifts For Husband After Marriage

Birthdays for a spouse are always special and when it is the first birthday of a husband after marriage, it becomes even more special. As a wife, make it memorable with our unique gift ideas and be sure to surprise him with a gift. So here are 50 best birthday gift ideas for your husband.

We have curated some unique gift ideas you can present to your husband and show your love. This will definitely excite him. So what are you waiting for? Get your cash ready and start checking the list. Whether it’s a gift for your hubby’s birthday or you want to convey your marriage anniversary wishes, find what your husband will love.

Personalized Gift ideas for your husband after marriage

When it comes to gifts, you want to give a special touch to the gift and that’s why you choose personalized gifts over other gifts. You know what has to be customized and personalized according to their preference. However, if you are unsure what should be gifted this first birthday of your husband, we are here to give you a helping hand. We have curated a list of unique and personalized gift ideas. Go ahead and choose his favorite. Here are some great birthday gift ideas for your husband after happy marriage to make it exceptional.

  1. Customized pillow or cushion

If he is fond of his bed and sleeping time and also importantly if he loves his pillow, this would be the best gift for him. Make it special with his picture or with both of you on it. He is definitely going to love it.

  1. Coffee mug with his picture

If he is a coffee/ tea addict, you can get him a mug with his picture or your couple picture on it. It is sure to impress him and will bring a smile to his face. Do try gifting him this.

  1. Photo cakes

If you are planning to surprise him, then a photo cake will be of pure joy. Cake cutting has become the most mandatory and fun-filled celebration of any occasion. If your husband loves cake, then the idea of a photo cake, will make him even more delighted. You can choose his favourite picture to be on the cake.

  1. Personalized lamp

A personalized lamp with your couple picture can excite him. Especially if he loves night lamps, this birthday gift could surprise him.

  1. Customized pen

If he carries a pen with him always, then this is a great gift for him. Make it customized by gifting him a pen inscribed with his name. This gift will be close to his heart.

  1. Personalized diary

If your husband loves making notes, writing, or has the habit of maintaining a diary, you could gift him one. Personalize this diary with his name or initials on it, whichever he would prefer. This will also be a great gift idea.

  1. Keychains

If he is a key chain lover, you can gift him a keychain with his name or initials on it. Though a small gift, it will be a memorable one.

  1. Coasters

You can gift your husband a coaster if he is a tea/ coffee person. He will definitely need this. Gift him a personalized coaster with his name, initials, picture, or some message on it.

  1. Laptop sleeves

A laptop is the most commonly owned possession by working professionals. If your husband also owns one, you can gift him a customized laptop sleeve. This will help him keep his laptop safe and will also be a thoughtful gift.

  1. Customized phone cover

Phone covers have also become necessary. To keep his phone safe, you can buy him a customized phone cover. This will also be a useful gift for him.

  1. Wallet

Everyone owns a wallet. You can present him a customized wallet with his name on it, this can also help him find it faster in case he loses it.

  1. Earphone case

If your husband has earphones, you can get him a personalized earphone case. This will help him find his earphones faster and without any tangles. This will also keep his earphone safe.

  1. Puzzle

If he is a game lover or a puzzle solver, you can get him a puzzle with a map of his favorite location, his favorite picture, or your couple picture. This will surely make him happy.

  1. A newspaper with memories

If he is an avid newspaper reader, this gift will excite him. Keep this personalized newspaper along with the daily newspaper to read. If you are however unsure what to include in the newspaper, include all the childhood memories he would cherish, and all his achievements. To make it more fun, you could add also embarrassing moments with pictures, or maybe even your wedding pictures. This gift can sure bring happy tears and will be a gift to treasure.

Romantic gifts for your husband

Are both of you romantic? Then you must give him a romantic gift for his first birthday with you. Thinking about what to be giving? We have some unique and romantic gift ideas for your husband. Choose your pick from the list below. We are sure you will impress and surprise him.

  1. Chocolates

If your husband has a sweet tooth or loves chocolates, then this will be the perfect gift for him. Get him his favourite chocolates. This will surely melt him and make his taste buds happy. This could also be a romantic gift.

  1. Jacket

If he loves to be trendy and stylish, you should get him a fashion Jacket. This gift is sure to make him happy and romantic.

  1. Game

If he has any favourite games or sports, then you can get him his favourite game kit or the sports equipment which he uses to play. This is another romantic idea and he will love this gift.

  1. Sweatpants

If he likes sweatpants, you can gift him a pair of sweatpants. This will be one of the most useful and romantic gifts you can gift him.

  1. Pajamas

Pajamas are also one of the comfiest clothing that anyone will want to have. If your husband also is a pajama lover, gift him a pajama.

  1. Decanter

If you think he is likely to use one, do get him a decanter. This can also bring a smile to his face and make him romantic.

  1. Workout clothes

If he is a gym freak or loves to work out, then this would be the perfect gift. This will also make him motivated to work out and keep himself fit and healthy.

  1. Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? If he also loves flowers, you can get him a bouquet of red or white roses, or his favourite flowers. This is sure going to be a very romantic gift idea and will surely be appreciated.

  1. Subscription service

It could be a subscription for food delivery or a massage for a whole year or a subscription to OTT platforms or music streaming apps. Choose whichever he would like. This could be an amazing and thoughtful gift for your husband. Also, this will be a romantic idea.

  1. A weekender bag

If he loves travelling or his job requires a lot of travelling, then a weekender bag could come in handy. This could also be a good birthday gift for him.

  1. Skincare

You can get him skin care products, especially the natural ones with no chemicals. This is to keep his skin healthy. This can also be a thoughtful and romantic gift.

  1. Plants

If your husband is fond of plants, then maybe you should get him plants and if he loves flowers, you could get him a plant with flowers. This would also be a “go green” way of telling your birthday wishes. You could also get some plants for your home and decorate them on his desk and balcony. He is sure to feel fresh and active. This way you can bring some greenery to your home as well. This is also a romantic gift idea.

  1. Toiletries bag

If he is a travel person, this toiletries bag could come in handy. This would also be a useful gift for him.

  1. Shorts

Who doesn’t love a hot pair of shorts? This could also make a romantic gift for your husband and will blow his mind away.

  1. A vacation

Create some beautiful memories to cherish on his first birthday with you. Especially if he loves a day out, plan a romantic outing with him on his big day and take him out from his normal schedule. He is sure to enjoy the day.

  1. Date night

If he is fond of you, then you must definitely plan a date night with him on his birthday, this will also be a very romantic gift.

  1. Cufflinks

If he wears a suit very often, then you could get him cufflinks. This would be a romantic gift and he would look classy with it.

  1. Mattress

If he loves his bed and does not like to get up from his bed, then may be you should get him a cozy mattress.

  1. Framed photo

It could be a photo of the two of you or a collage of your photos. This could also make a beautiful and romantic gift.

  1. Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses could be a great gift for him. If he roams in the sun a lot, then this cool pair of sunglasses will help to keep his eyes cool.

  1. Sneakers

Most men love sneakers. Does your husband also love sneakers? Then you should gift him a pair of sneakers.

  1. Jewelry

Rings and bracelets are always liked by men. If your man also loves wearing these, gift him a ring or bracelet, or even both. You can choose if it has to be diamond, platinum, gold, or silver. This would also be a romantic gift to get him on his first birthday.

  1. Shaving kit

A Shaving kit can also be a useful gift for him. Choose a shaving gel that will best suit his skin, almost with no chemicals.

  1. Kitchen utensils

Do your husband love cooking? Yes? Then you must try getting him some nice kitchen utensils like a new pan or spoon or whichever would help him cook easier. This is also a romantic gift to present to him.

  1. Silk tie

If he wears a tie, then you should gift him a silk tie. This is a romantic birthday gift and could make him look classy.

  1. Spa day

If he loves taking a day off or wants to refresh. You can book an appointment at the best spa and take him there. He would surely feel relaxed and special and that too on his birthday. It would be the best birthday gift he deserves.

  1. Romantic Candle light dinner

Even guys deserve to be taken out on a date night. So what are you waiting for? Amaze him with a romantic candlelight dinner by the seashore or rooftop. This would truly make his birthday more special.

Tech gifts for your husband

Is your husband tech-savvy? Why not try some tech gifts? Wondering what to give him? We got your back, we have a list of tech-savvy gift ideas your husband will love. Pick yours.

  1. A valet tray

Gift him a valet tray to make him organize his stuff including his keys, AirPods, watch, phone, etc. This tray also has a wireless charging system. This will be the best gift for a tech-savvy husband.

  1. Wireless Speaker

It is good to have a wireless speaker, as it is portable and comes in handy. If he loves travelling out with friends and also loves listening to loud music, this will be a great gift.

  1. Blue light glasses

Get him blue light glasses especially if his screen time is high. This is a very thoughtful gift to get him.

  1. Fitness band

If he is a fitness freak, you should get him a fitness band that helps him track his goals. This is also a thoughtful tech gift.

  1. Air fryer

An air fryer helps cook in a healthy way. You can gift him this if he loves eating healthy, this would be a useful gift.

  1. Gaming console

Do your husband love playing video games? Who doesn’t? Then you must gift him a gaming console, which he is sure to enjoy.

  1. Movie projector

Is he a movie buff? Then you can get him a movie projector and you can have movie nights. You can also watch your own videos and photos on it. This is a great and unique tech gift to give.

  1. Sandwich maker

This can be a great gift for a husband who loves making and eating sandwiches. The sandwich maker makes the job super simple. He would love this idea, make sure to impress your chef (husband).

  1. Travel tumbler

This is a unique gift for a traveller. If he loves to drink coffee all the time, then this could help him anywhere. It keeps the liquid hot and almost acts like a flask. This is a great gift to give him.

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