Women Speak Emotions

When a man pays closer attention, he will be able to understand his wife.

Understanding why women speak emotions

While some would look at being emotional as a drawback, this is not necessarily so. It plays a big role in cementing relationships, especially marriage. When a husband cares to look beneath the surface, he will be able to understand his wife and her emotions better. This will lay the foundation for a smooth and loving relationship.

By nature women are more emotional than men. They are simply wired that way. After all, they are the nurturers of the family and born with a natural tendency to care. Besides their mindset, hormones like estrogen and prolactin which is found in tears play a role in making them emotional beings.

She draws strength from her emotions

For a woman, her world is a large network of relations and emotions. No matter what the situation is, she relates to the situation in a very personal way. This even extends to news items or gossip. For instance, if a successful businessman suddenly made big losses, both sexes would approach this differently. The man would look at the financial side of the loss while the woman would think about how he and his family would cope, what would happen to the child’s education and so on.

Emotional men are perceived as weak

Men have been conditioned by society from childhood not to express their emotions. Showing emotions is frowned down upon and seen as weak. Consequently, when they face a problem, they withdraw into a shell and try to find answers by introspecting. Women though like to handle their problems as a team and seek help from friends and family. For them being emotional is very much a part of connecting with everyone else.

When women communicate, their conversations are quite animated and display a range of emotions from sad, cheerful, excited, thrilled to angry.  They shoot them off at top speed too! Gary Smalley the author of “Making Love Last Forever” says women speak at 250 words per minute and men speak at 125. This sometimes leaves men overwhelmed, unable to cope with the deluge of words and they shut off. While the man struggles to express himself with words, the woman gets angry as she feels he is not responding properly.

For a wife, every memory, happy or sad comes with an emotion attached. This makes her very sensitive. She reacts to her husband based on her emotional memories. What makes this more complicated is that she bases decisions on these. This means that a past hurt can rear its ugly head in the present. Even if a man has changed over the years, her response comes from her previous experience.

Better bonding with women

Build a stronger bond with your wife, simply by lending her your ear! Just sharing her problems can make her feel much better and loved. Resist the temptation to tell her why she should not feel that way. Let her vent her feelings, after that, ask her if you can help in any way. During an argument or a fight, when you come to the point if saying something wounding, stop yourself. An emotional wound can leave a long scar. Putting in that bit of effort into empathizing with a woman’s emotions will go a long way into creating a dream marriage.

Women show their feelings and thoughts through emotions


Women are naturally more emotionally expressive than men. Find out why and how this affects relationships from this video.

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