Why men are result oriented

Why men are result oriented

Men are tuned to provide solutions and often miss the details in conversations. Know why?

If we look at the history of men, for the major part they have been the hunters, warriors and providers. They were primarily defined by their work roles and these were based on results. Even today, this is critical to establishing their identity and status as a man in society and so their approach to life remains result-oriented.

Men tend to focus on one thing at a time unlike the female mind which can multitask with ease.  A simple everyday example is to try asking a question to your husband when he is buried in the newspaper in the morning.  Most likely he won’t hear you, because he has tuned out everything except the paper. So when you need a string of things done, break up things into manageable chunks. That way, he can handle them one at a time and get them done.

Men are always to the point

While communicating, men tend to get straight to the point. They do not beat around the bush even when it comes to breaking bad news. When they have some criticism too, they share it upfront. However, this may not go down well with the wife who might find such brutal honesty quite upsetting. As a wife, you need to handle this by not letting this impact you negatively and instead feel good that your husband is open enough to share his feelings. Try to understand his perspective and work things out.

Men are less interested in the details

Men are big picture thinkers, they plan in terms of outcome. The smaller, finer details do not come under their scrutiny.  When a husband comes home from a business meeting, he may just want to talk about what his company achieved.  The wife however will want the smaller details like who came to the meeting, the venue, the food served, how people felt and so on.  When a woman asks too many of these questions, it can put a man off. So resist the temptation to get into too much detail. Allow him to share his victories and appreciate them.

Men are naturally competitive

One more major reasons that men are result-oriented is that they are highly competitive. Competition is that rush of adrenalin that propels them to the finish line. Women on the other hand may be competitive but are usually not as fiercely competitive as men. In their rush to get to the top, men may overstep their capacity and be misunderstood.  As a wife, it’s in your hands to help your husband achieve work-life balance. Encourage him to spend quality time with the family and plan fun family activities. This will help disperse the stress.

Another downside of result orientation is that failure can seem like the end of the world. If your husband has attempted something and it has not worked, don’t depress him further by trying to analyse why it did not work. Instead, give him space to think it over by himself.

Handling your result-oriented husband well can help him achieve new peaks of personal and professional excellence.

The truth about ambition and men


Men are tuned to provide solutions and often miss the details in conversations. Know why? Find out in this video!

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daily arguments can have a seriously detrimental effect on men, perhaps because they tend to be results-oriented, and don’t benefit from venting their feelings through social interaction