What Women Want in a Relationship and Why Men Should Take Note of This

What Women Want in a Relationship and Why Men Should Take Note of This

Women are not very difficult to understand like most of the men tend to think. Just observe and you’ll discover that these are seven things that women want in a relationship, says Rachna Singh, Head of The Mind and Wellness Clinic.

What do women want? This question has always been a topic of discussion. Even today, it is difficult to find an answer. It is assumed that it is not easy to understand what a women really wants from a relationship however, in reality we all are difficult to understand sometimes. But if we really observe, pay attention and learn along the way we can find some consistencies and reach conclusions in order to be more in-tuned with the wants and needs of the woman. Here are seven things that women want in a relationship.

Quality time together

Quality time is any time that partners spend together that makes them feel closer, more connected and more in love. With advancement in technology we spend most of our time over internet, cell phones or watching TV. Quality time can be for 20 minutes out of an entire evening together at home, or it might be hours. The amount of quality time doesn’t always matter, as long as you do it often enough to keep the relationship feeling good.

To be trusted

Relationships are based on the foundation of trust. Women today are more confident and independent than ever before. She can have her own interest, hobbies or occasional night outs with her girls. It is important for her partner to trust her. Without trust, a relationship simply will not function harmoniously and it will eventual fall apart.

Honesty from partner

Women want completely honesty from her partner right from the beginning. She wants her partner to be honest about his intentions, desires or what he wants from a relationship. Relationships go a long way if partners are vocal about what they want and do not want.

To be appreciated

Everybody loves to be appreciated. Appreciated for the work they do, compromises one has made for the other, how they look and even mere gestures! Remind your partner that you love her. Tell her that you appreciate what she brings to your life. Show her what she means to you. Tell her what you appreciate, and tell her often.

To feel attractive

Women need to feel desired. She wants her partner to praise her confidence, attitude and looks. It is important that you remind her that you see her attractive, this will benefit both men and women.

Acceptance without reservations

We all have certain flaws and insecurities. But when you love somebody you automatically love the person as a whole. You don’t decide which traits you like or not. We accept them as a whole and support them on the things they want to improve about themselves.

Feeling safe while being vulnerable

No matter how bulletproof one is, we could all use a little bit care of sometimes. Women want to feel safe around their partner not just physically but emotionally too. To be able to vent their feelings and open up.

For a healthy relationship it is important to understand the balance between give and take of relationships. Instead of just focusing on ‘what women wants’ it is equally important as to ‘what a women can give’. Balance in a relationship means not only what you’re receiving but also that you need to give wisely.

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4 years ago

Nice article. It should be what people want from their partners in marriage though.