What Makes Women Happy

Women can appear to be very mysterious. But, what drives their happiness is actually simple.

While glossy ads try to lull you into believing all she wants are expensive diamonds, designer watches and wardrobes, the truth is quite different. You just can’t buy happiness off the rack, happiness comes from within. Happiness is created.

Listen to them

Women are different from men, it’s up to you to appreciate the differences between both. Talking for women is a stress buster and a way to bond. It’s more than just mere communication. When you come back from office and she suddenly starts talking about domestic problems, don’t get angry, be patient. She has probably been working hard all day and wants a sympathetic ear to air out her grievances.

When your wife talks to you, listen, don’t tune out. Be sincere and respond appropriately. Men by nature are not very good listeners, but when you make an effort the rewards are plenty.

Give them your time

The best gift you can give your wife is your time. When we say time, we mean uninterrupted time, at least half an hour a day, free from disturbances like phones and other electronic devices. This will help you focus your complete attention and spend some loving moments. Research shows that 24% of women unhappy in their relationships get to spend less than five minutes a day with their husbands.

Appreciate little things

Women today don’t just deal with domestic issues, many hold careers and also handle other chores outside the home. Your wife is multi-tasking and deserves that pat in the back. Remember to show your appreciation for what she is and what she does. Appreciate her in words and also surprise her with gifts and acts of love.

One of the biggest complaints women have about their husbands is that they are undemonstrative. Women love compliments, be generous. When she wears a new dress or tries a new hairstyle, be spontaneous and compliment her on it. Never take her for granted

Give her a helping hand

Clean up. Men have the tendency to leave things lying around and can live in a mess. However, for your wife, this can be quite a horror! Keep your things neat and help in tidying around the house.

Give her a helping hand in the household chores and you will endear yourself to her forever. Every home has hundreds of routine chores. Take up a few as your responsibility and watch your wife’s face light up with happiness.

Pamper her with love

Pamper her. Every woman wants to feel like a queen. Pamper her with the best you have, not just material things but also with loads of love.  Create a postive atmosphere at home. If your wife wants to try her hand at cooking a new dish she had watched on a cookery show or if she wants to study a new course, be encouraging.

Make her feel loved and secure. Give her the confidence that you will be there for her through thick and thin. Be responsible while taking decisions. Plan for your future and make wise investments.  Following these tips should keep your wife happy.

Happiness comes from within: Here's why.


It's difficult to find out what goes on inside your wife's brain. In this video, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar explores the difficulties in a marriage and deep-dives into ways to make your wife happy.

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