What makes men happy

What makes men happy

A happy wife is what makes a man feel satisfied. Learn to understand men better.

A beautiful marriage does not just happen. Keeping your husband happy is something that you need to actively work on, but soon this will becomes a spontaneous expression.

Research shows that men feel the most satisfied in a marriage when their wives are happy. There’s something about a happy woman that makes the home reverbrate with cheer! You can actually hear the rooms ring out with laughter. Every family has its share of joys and problems, it’s the attitude with which you handle it that matters.  Instead of dwelling on the problems, work towards solutions.

Do not compare your lifestyle or possessions with others, stay content with what you have. After a hard day’s work at home, no husband wants to hear his wife say, “Our neighbour is earning better than you or they have a bigger TV than ours.” This puts off the husband and creates a rift.

Don’t wait for birthdays and anniversaries to make your husband feel special. Celebrate every single day. Pamper him with special gestures everyday, cook his favourite dish, buy him a surprise gift, slip in a love note along with his lunch box. Cooking a special dish always works! Find a different way to win his heart everyday.

Most couples are romantic during the initial years of marriage. However with time as responsibilities grow and kids are born, their focus changes. They fall into a domestic routine and romance is put on the backburner. Keep the romance alive by creating opportunities where you can spend exclusive time with your husband. Write him a love poem, make a collage of your happy couple moments, wear something cool, the list is endless.

Men are turned on visually. This makes it’s important to stay well-groomed and fit. Buy clothes that fit you well and enhance your looks. Watch what you eat and get enough exercise. Make sure you keep yourself well-groomed too.

Respect your husband and never ever criticise him in public. This can cause irreparable damage to his male ego and hurt him badly. Remember you and your husband are a team and never let your team member down.

Trust your husband and give him his own space. If he wants an evening out with his friends, let him do it. Build your own interests and hobbies too, so you bring in a new dimension to your personality.

Show him you love him, be expressive. Compliment him for a special attributes or talent he has. Don’t feel shy or hesitate, let go of your inhibitions and say you love him. Perform little acts of love, get his clothes ready for the next day, help him write emails, buy him something he needs but does not have the time for it.

Above all, appreciate your husband for what he is. Each person is unique and comes with a package of strengths and weaknesses, accept your husband for what he is.

When a man sees a happy woman, he feels blessed.

Happy couple = Happy marriage!


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