Discover Secrets that Attract Women to Men?

What’s it that draws a woman to a man and makes him irresistible to her? If you’re a man, you better learn it.

This is a secret most people know. Women are deeply attracted to intelligent men, the kind who knows a bit about people, culture, movies and can converse with a woman all day long. Women love men who can hold forth in a long conversation. They see the need to have meaningful conversations in a life-long relationship.

It may seem innocuous, but in reality girls watch for kindness and compassion in every thing you do. So, even on a date, they do intently observe how you treat the cab driver and the waiter and how much you tip. These are characteristics that tell a tale about the goodness in a man.

It’s no secret that women need attention. By simply listening, using eye contact, switching off the TV, putting down the paper and giving complete attention to the lady, you can win her affection for life. Your presence must be complete in all aspects.

Being passionately driven by something is a powerful attraction for girls. The intensity, the passion, the character behind this makes people successful. Women understand this well.

Woman connect very well when they see the emotional side of a man. The failures, frustrations, anxieties and vulnerabilities of a man makes them human. Most men tend to avoid displaying this side of their personality, but in reality it shows their strength to accept and be aware of the shortcomings. Women powerfully connect with such emotions.

Sense of Humour
Women simply love men who make them laugh. It’s fun and makes them feel at ease. To make them laugh, one needs to see a different side of life, be creative to show another perspective and intelligent to connect two unconnected things. Women know this and hence are drawn to men who have a great sense of humour.

While it’s true that women want men to be tough, it doesn’t mean they want them to be devoid of emotions. They love men who listen, empathise and offer comfort during tough times. They like tough men to have a softer side that they can rely on when the going gets tough.

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  1. Theoretically all correct but practically lot of deviation. Human nature is dynamic and volatile if frequency matches voila else hell in life