Understanding how your husband thinks

Understanding how your husband thinks

One of the foundations of a happy marriage is to understand your spouse. Your guide.

When we say understanding, it does not refer to merely personal likes and dislikes but rather an insight into how men think and the innate differences in thinking. Only if you know them, will you be able to enjoy a happy marriage. Here’s a look at what you need to get it right.

Men listen but quietly

Many times women tend to feel hurt because they think their husbands are not listening when they speak. However, this is a misunderstanding. The general tendency for women is to chip in during conversations with “yes, yes” or “that’s true” when men talk. However, your husband may simply stay silent but this just means he is actually listening but just not confirming. Remember, men like to think a while before answering.

Men demonstrate affection through actions

Having watched the movie romances with starry eyes, you might expect that your husband will whisper sweet nothings as you go about the daily routine and get disappointed if he does not. However, in real life most men would prefer to show their love through actions. Instead of saying “I love you”, your husband may clean up the cupboards, help you with kitchen work or run to the supermarket for groceries. That’s how men are made. They express love through actions that help you. Anyways, don’t you prefer that?

Subtle cues don’t work with men

You may have changed the tone of your voice to say something or did something to convey what you need and he may simply not have noticed it, leaving you quite frustrated. Most men just don’t understand these little things. Make your communication a bit stronger and direct, he’s sure to notice and respond positively.

Husbands love to please their wives

Every man loves to do things for his wife and she loves to receive it. Now, how do you get him to do that? When you are planning a course of action, don’t do all the planning by yourself, make it participative, involve him and see how he likes it. He will enjoy putting that beautiful smile on your face.

Men go by their minds, women by their hearts

Men tend to be more practical than women, so when it comes to arriving at a logical solution, he’ll be the one to take the first step. However, when it comes to emotional issues, he may not really figure them out. Remember, he cares but emotional issues are simply not his strength. So, here, you’ll have to step in.

Communication styles

Have you been through this? Both of you are enjoying a long drive and he is moving ahead without speaking even a word. Have you got upset and asked him to talk? This is quite a common phenomenon. Women are pretty dialogue-oriented when it comes to communication but men are action-oriented, their goal of communication is to achieve something. It’s best to chat and solicit opinions as you talk. A bit of prompting and you’ll see they are good at talking too.

When you understand these differences about your husband, it’ll make life easier and happier for you.

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