Your spouse is your best friend, one with whom you will share life’s journey.

It’s important to get to know your husband or wife better as they’re a special friend who will be with you forever. We thought a little guidance here might help newlyweds.

Make your spouse feel loved
Each person expresses love in different ways, while some like to write notes or share sweet nothings, there are others who like to buy gifts, help around the house and so on. Make that extra effort to understand your spouse’s expressions, preferences and priorities. Do not forget special days like your spouse’s birthday or your wedding anniversary, make sure these days are memorable. Be lavish with your love.

Respect your spouse
When there are major decisions to be taken, make sure that your spouse is involved. Never argue in public or in front of others in the family. If you have an issue, discuss it privately. If you have to advice your spouse, do this in a loving way, never ever nag or belittle your spouse.

Forgiveness is important
In the course of life, all of us make mistakes, some small and some glaringly big. However, have a forgiving attitude towards your spouse. Do not hold grudges. Once you have forgiven your spouse, do not bring up the same thing any time later. Forgive and forget. If you make a mistake, be gracious enough to admit it and seek forgiveness.

Active listening to build a strong bond
Most of us listen to our spouses while trying to multi-task or being pre-occupied with other things. When you listen, be an active listener. Set aside other distractions and tasks and focus on what your spouse is saying. Make eye contact and also use words like ‘ok, you’re right, that’s fine’ to show you are listening and also take time to clarify something he or she says that you are not clear about.

Be clear with what you expect
When you ask your spouse to help with a task or need to work on some other aspect of the relationship, it’s up to you to make what lies in your mind clear.

Don’t make comparisons
Each one of us is unique and has his or her own strengths and weaknesses. It’s simply unfair to compare them with anyone. For instance, as a husband, do not compare your wife’s cooking with your mother; accept she has her own individual style of cooking. If you are a wife, do not compare what your husband earns with someone else in the family. Accept your spouse just the way they are.

Make your spouse feel special
Little surprise gifts and thoughtful surprise acts like making a spouse’s favourite dish will be cherished. Be generous with compliments to your spouse. Plan couple time, outings that include just the two of you. This will make your spouse feel happy and loved.

Find activities to do together
You both can take up a hobby like say music or an activity like yoga together. This will give you both time to bond better.

These tips should go a long way in helping you build a happy marriage and a happy home.

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