Don’t Complain About Little Things that Irritate You

If you accept your spouse with all their flaws, minor irritants will resolve by themselves.

Accept your Spouse Wholeheartedly

This means loving them completely and when you do that you can’t even see their flaws. No one’s perfect, including you. Therefore don’t complain or get annoyed by little things your partner does that may not be to your liking. When you do that there’s reciprocation from the other and happiness seems to fill your lives.

Recognise What’s Beyond your Control

Used clothes lying on the bed? Makeup kit beside your laptop? Shoes not in the right place? Don’t get upset. If you get upset, it can spoil the whole day for you. You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. Sometimes accepting the things you cannot change can give you the peace you’re looking for. Just let go and you’ll instantly feel a sense of relief. Remember, every person is unique like a fingerprint and that differences are part of any relationship.

Find why You’re Getting Annoyed

Often it’s not the dirty socks in the balcony or wet towels on the cot that irritate a spouse, it something else like “it’s about a forgotten birthday or a feeling that spouse does not respect you or a feeling that they don’t seem to value what you do and that’s why you’re doing this.”

Patience can Resolve what Complaints Can’t

You can be patient and see if things change. If it occurs repeatedly, then you should bring it up with your spouse. Resist yourself from complaining because it is immediately denied and your spouse begins to resist the accusation. The relationship may sour for a few days or some hours. When that happens it stops any possibility of change.

Change Arises when There’s no Resistance

Instead explain patiently that specific behaviours are upsetting you and that the partner could help by changing the way something is done. Tell him or her that the small change will be greatly appreciated.

Remind them that they are really special to you and they mean a lot to you.

KS Rajasekar

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  1. Remaining calm during conflict can really help ease everything. Anger can do no good at all. It only creates fire. Thank you for sharing this article. I also wrote identical articles on my blog. I found your site informative and helpful to the readers.