The art of balancing personal and family time

The art of balancing personal and family time

You must learn to strike a balance between “my space”, “your space” and “our space”.

Marriage is a divine bond and its true essence lies in togetherness. There is a definite charm in doings things together and for each other – after all that’s what a happy marriage is all about.

However, for both wives and husbands, it is natural to crave a little “me time” on occasion, to just be by yourself and do the things you love, and don’t be surprised if your partner feels the same way. Marital life is a lot more fulfilling and pleasurable when both partners learn to strike a balance between “my space”, “your space” and “our space”.

This of course, means that both husband and wife should be willing to make adjustments. Marital life is a lot more fulfilling and joyful when you are able to make enough time for each other while tending to your career and other areas of your time. Here’s how you can perfect the balancing act.

Communicate your needs effectively

A person’s ideas of time together and time apart are largely influenced by their family values and personal preferences, and it is possible that your partner’s ideas may differ from your own. It is important to express your needs and find a middle ground so that your partner knows what to expect and does not feel neglected. However, when you are together, give your partner all your attention.

Encourage your partner to follow their passions

Encouraging your partner to pursue their interests simply means that you will have more time to yourself – it is a simple tradeoff! So let your husband watch that football game with his buddies and ask your wife if she’d like to spend the day at a spa. It’s a win-win situation for everybody. On weekends, you could plan an activity that you both enjoy.

Wake up a little early

Amidst your spouse, domestic responsibilities and family members clamouring for attention, it is still possible to steal away a few moments for yourself. You will be surprised at how much more you can accomplish if you wake up before everyone else. Use that time to workout, read a book, listen to some soothing music or meditate. Having a few moments to yourself early in the morning will rejuvenate you and prepare you well for the day ahead.

Chart out a routine

Following a set routine makes it markedly easier to manage your day and give every area of your life the attention that it deserves. For example, mealtime can be an opportunity for family bonding while a late night walk can give you some time to disconnect and introspect. It helps to set your priorities so that you can do equal justice to your family as well as yourself.

Making time for yourself is crucial for inner happiness and personal growth – it gives you a chance to rekindle your relationship with yourself and sort out your mind. Make sure you don’t get too caught up in your new life and lose touch with “you”.

The pursuit of happiness through investing your time in the right way


Striking a balance with your family and work life is the dream. But how does one do it? Watch this video to know more!

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