Teaching Your Kids to Be Confident and Positive

Teaching Your Kids to Be Confident and Positive

A child’s intelligence is a function of the genes and environment in which it grows. Including the influence of parents, other elders and the society.

The atmosphere at home that is conducive to learning do more for a child than merely impacting its intelligence. They help to shape every facet of the child – health, confidence and positive thinking, says Prabhu Lazarus.

Kids Learn From What They See

A child’s values and beliefs instilled during the formative years are what mould a child’s adolescent and adult years. These values and beliefs are not just taught by rote; a child picks up these basic characteristics subconsciously by what it sees and hears.

The behaviour of spouses in the presence of children can have a lasting impact.

Argue When the Kids Are Not at Home

Differences are an integral part of all relationships. But differences are no reason for spouses to shout and scream at each other. Not only will such experiences make a child feel unprotected and insecure but will leave an impact that will last a lifetime. This is the reason why some children grow up not wanting to have children of their own.

Treat Elders with Respect

Spouses should treat their parents and other elders with care and respect. Not doing so will send the message that it is alright to mistreat old people. “What goes around comes around”, is a simple way of explaining how karma works.

Respect Your Spouse

That women are the weaker gender is old-school fallacy. Today gender equality is the norm. Many a male chauvinist grew up in families where women were treated as inferior to men. Whether it is a man or a woman spouses should learn to treat them with equal respect.

Make Kids Appreciate Your Sacrifices

This is a day and age where many parents do not talk about the sacrifices they make for the betterment of the family. Spouses should teach their children to be appreciative. This is a lesson children will learn by observing from your own appreciation of what you receive from your spouse and others.

Getting Your Kids to See a Different Point of View

Children generally dislike being told what to do. Reasoning and persuasion are more effective when you want children to consider points of view that are different from their own. Don’t just tell a child to do what you say, explain the reason why they need to do it.

It’s Okay for Children to Make Mistakes

Another consequence of this constant evolution is that children often find themselves confined in electronic cocoons and have difficulty dealing with the real world. Spouses should encourage children to try things on their own. Let children know that it’s alright to make mistakes. Let them know that success and failure are both intrinsic elements of life.

Make a child’s growing years the golden years. Above all lead by example.

Creating a positive image for your kids is a MUST!


As parents, there are several things you need to do for your kids apart from providing them with the basics. This also includes building a healthy, positive ecosystem for their development. Watch this video to learn of its importance.

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