5 easy ways to resolve a conflict between wife and husband

Every husband and wife do have their own share of ups and downs in marriage. Some differences are bound to crop up but how you manage them determines the happiness at home.

Willingness to listen
In the heat of an argument, most of us are unwilling to listen. However, it’s important to give the other person a chance to share their side of the story. Listen before you talk, in many cases, this sorts out what could just be a small misunderstanding. Listening also helps the other person calm down as they get heard.
Ability to see spouse’s point of view
If your spouse has bought something expensive without consulting you and you think it’s a waste of money, sit down and discuss it. Find out why your spouse found it so important. This ability to step into your spouse’s shoes will easily resolve many conflicts.
Accepting your mistake
An ego clash is a common reason for many family problems. Being stubborn and not accepting a mistake you have made and blaming your spouse can make your spouse angry. If you are wrong, be gracious enough to accept it. This will help both of you move on and understand each other better.
Forgiving your spouse’s mistake
If your spouse made a mistake, learn to forgive and forget. Once you have forgiven, don’t ever bring up the issue again. Many spouses make the mistake of bringing up past mistakes during arguments and this makes things between couples sour.

Accepting and adjusting
Each of us is unique and different. You may be an action movie buff, your spouse may hate action movies. While you look at the world realistically, your spouse could be a dreamer. Your beliefs and approach to life could be different. Accept your spouse for what he or she is. Make small adjustments and compromises and you’ll see how beautiful life can be.

Daya Kingston

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  1. Some mistakes, repeated mistakes same nature cannot be forgiven.if ur god or superhuman it is possible.