What Makes for a Happy Marriage?

It isn’t big things, but little ones done often that lead to a Happy Marriage. Find out things you can do for your better half that make for a Happy Marriage.

Make your spouse the centre of your life
The person you are married to should be your utmost priority. When you prioritise each other, you build love and trust in the relationship and you will soon begin to find true happiness in the marriage.

Listening, understanding and appreciating
There are many a time when all that a person needs is to be heard! Listen to what your husband/ wife has to say, understand things from their perspective. Don’t forget to appreciate them for the things that they do for you time and again. When your spouse feels understood and appreciated they would reciprocate the same and happiness will prevail in the family.

Respecting difference in opinion (and resolving differences amicably)
You need not agree or say yes to everything that your better half has to say, but what is important is that you learn to respect the difference of opinion. Understand that there can be differences and talk about it so that you can come to a decision that can be mutually agreed upon. This way you can avoid unnecessary arguments.

Take important decisions together
Always make sure to involve your spouse in the important decisions that you take. They need to know that their say matters and that they are a very important part of the family. Ask them for suggestions on important matters and involve them in major decisions.

Treat in-laws as your parents
Her/ his parents deserve as much love and respect as your parents. Learn to accept the new family as your own and your spouse will also treat and love your parents as much as you do. If you stay away from them, visit their family once in a while, spend time with them and this will definitely make your spouse feel real good.

Find time for each other, every day
Last but not the least – make time for each other every day. 30 minutes to an hour atleast… to talk and share happenings of the day. Tell them how you spent your day and ask them how was theirs. This shows you really care and love your spouse and wish to be there for them all the time. You should have at least one meal a day together so that you can talk and spend some “WE time”!

By doing all this you can develop an amazingly good bond with your spouse and lead a Happy Married Life together.

Divya Jay

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  1. An apt description, couldnt have put forth in a better fashion. But yes implementing the same is tough, not impossible though.

  2. Nice read! You nailed it!! Marriage is a balance sheet of trial & errors. If one does a mistake do forgive her/ him
    Try to make peace 🙂
    Loved your article