Men love happy women

Did you know that men love happy women? What else bonds them to you?

Don’t compare your husband with others

Did your friend’s husband get a promotion or did your neighbour buy a bigger car than yours? Don’t compare your husband’s capability with others, this can hurt his ego and self-esteem and upset him. Be happy with what you have and collaborate to creating better things.

Make him feel attractive

Compliment your man on his positive traits. Praise him for his achievements and slow down on the criticism, instead encourage him. Give him little surprises, it need not always be a surprise gift, it can be a peck on the cheek. Small every gestures like appreciating something he does for you at home can go a long way in cementing your bond.

Speak about him with love and respect

While discussing your husband with your family or friends, do so with love and respect. Women who talk positively about their husbands in the long run foster great relationships with their families.

Show gratitude

When your man gives you a gift or does something to impress you, accept it with grace, no matter how big or small it is. Be grateful for what he does, this will make him happy and encourage him to do more for you.

Women love men who are expressive

While some men are naturally expressive when it comes to expressing themselves with words, others may not be so outspoken. Do not get upset if your husband is not the type to shower compliments on you. He will demonstrate his love in action through gestures like surprising you with bringing dinner home when you’ve had a tiring day or helping you clean the home on a weekend. Watch for them.

Be affectionate

The daily routine could be quite a dampener when it comes to showing affection. It’s up to you to get demonstrative and indulge in a bit cuddling everyday. Try small gestures like massaging his neck and back when he comes back after a tiring day or tousling his hair.

Gift small tokens of affection

Show your love with small tokens of affection like cooking his favourite dish or gifting a special card. You can also get a bit more creative anad order personalised gifts, like a mug with a picture of both of you or a business card holder personalised with his name.

Go on romantic holidays

Keep the freshness of your marriage alive by planning romantic holidays. Keep a list of fun activities ready too, so you truly enjoy your time together.

A happy wife means a happy marriage!


It's a wonderful feeling to watch your partner feel so happy. In this video, Gaur Gopal Das narrates the story of the greatest motivator of humankind -- happiness.

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