Marriage is not about coming together, but staying together

Marriage is not about coming together, but staying together

Find out how common goals and dreams can keep man & wife together for life.

Staying together is the ultimate fulfillment of life’s purpose. As months pass by, young couples get to know each other better and love begins to bloom. However, simultaneously the newly weds become aware of realities of married life and accept their new roles and responsibilities as the natural corollary of marriage. Instead of being hurdles to a lasting relationship, new responsibilities serve to strengthen the bond between husband and wife.

Whether it’s an arranged marriage or a love marriage couples soon find their way through the maze, acknowledge that they are no longer the centre of their universe and settle down for the long haul.

Coming together is just the start of a long and fulfilling journey called life. Getting to know each other, understanding the other, learning to make the other’s life beautiful all go a long way in bringing happiness to the home.

The typical couple these days is educated, economically independent and most often driven by common goals. The goals are again matter-of-course: buy a flat, buy a car and get ahead in their individual careers. Consciously many young couples commit their future incomes for the next 10-15 years. Husband and wife work hard to meet their financial commitments.

Next in the hierarchy of goals is a child. Unlike the days gone by a child immediately after marriage is not a sequential milestone. Children these days are part of the grand plan. All parents want the best education for their children. Couples from stable backgrounds plan for their child’s needs and education as they would their other major financial commitments.

Through this hustle and bustle of everyday life couples should quickly put aside minor misunderstandings in the interest of staying together and achieving their common goals.

When you have hurdles to overcome, emotional or financial, you will realise that you have only each other to fall back on. This, in fact, is the secret of happy couples.

Couples staying together is not merely the expectation of their two families or their immediate dependents; it is a tradition that is as old as the hills.

When Indian couples marry they do so not merely to come together, but to stay together for a lifetime, bound not just by their affection for each other but also because of their common goals and dreams, and ambitions they have for their children.

For them staying together is the ultimate fulfillment of life’s purpose.

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A marriage is not a singular milestone in a relationship; it is a lifelong process of putting in the effort to cherish and improve your relationship. Watch this video to find out exactly why marriage is such an important institution.

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