How to Prepare for a Happy Marriage?

How to Prepare for a Happy Marriage?

It is wise to prepare well before marriage so that the bonds of love grow. And are nurtured by the love of husband and wife.

Knowing your special someone

Getting to know your special someone means learning more about your life partner’s dreams, their family, lifestyle, culture and personal habits. The more you get to know about your partner, the better you’re prepared for happiness in marriage.

Many communities in India allow for a certain period of knowing each other. During this time, find all the little things to appreciate in your special someone, discover what drives the person makes her or him happy.

While you may have the opportunity to know some of this between engagement and marriage, chances are that others will be discovered and understood post marriage.

Are you financially ready?

It’s a difficult question. But it better be answered now than later. Start thinking about the marriage expenses – how much money you and family have saved for the marriage. What are your various expenses? Do you need to apply for a loan? What about post marriage travel etc. Maintain a dairy of the events, things to buy and possible costs so that you are not caught unawares with the wedding round the corner.

Managing time after marriage

Once you’re committed to your partner, there’s a certain time to be made for each other every day. It’s good to be aware of the same so that you’re prepared to be together for some time in the morning (before work) and evenings (after work). Do you have to change your gym timings or shift your guitar classes to weekends? Do you have to drive together to office and use the time to bond better?

Loving, caring and being non-judgemental

A bit of mental preparation goes a long way in making your relationship grow stronger. It doesn’t matter how you were until now, but it helps to develop the habit of listening, loving and caring more than ever before. We all know that it does not come naturally to everyone, therefore the need to cultivate it. Do not make any attempt to change your partner nor judge the person’s values.

Marriage is the most beautiful and wonderful thing ever to happen in our lives. A bit of preparation just ensures a happy start to the journey called life.

Marriage requires mental and emotional readiness. Watch this to understand if you are prepared.


Before you get married, you must ensure that you are absolutely ready to make that level of commitment. Only then should you take the plunge. This video tells you what it means to be truly ready for marriage.

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