How to Find Time for Your Spouse

How to Find Time for Spouse

Career, home and education can sap the time of newly wed couples. Relook your priorities.

What’s your priority

Since a job pays the bills, we might focus on the same at the cost of others. But is it keeping both of you happy? If it’s taking long hours at work or long distances to commute, you may want to relook at the job. Perhaps consider a new one. Sometimes you must be brave to take a hard look at what’s going on in your life and make changes to improve the quality of your relationship with your spouse.

Set realistic expectations

Couples often end up having arguments about things not happening their way – the dinner’s not ready in time, partner is not home in time or someone forgot to do the household chores. It’s better to sit down and discuss what can be realistically expected. Often small adjustments can lead to improved understanding in a couple’s relationship. Decide who’s coming in early, who’s doing the dinner of which days or make it a point to cut short some time from work or gym to be with each other.

Do things together

Plan your work and family time so that there is dedicated time for each other. Many happily married couples drink tea or coffee together or sometimes read the morning newspaper while chatting. You could even consider doing specific activities together, like going for regular walks or playing badminton. The early months post marriage largely determine your happiness and relationship.

Times Vs Gifts

Often in the rush of life, people forget that what others most need is your time. Some tend to think that gifts make people more happy. Yes, they do but it pales in comparison with time – when you’re there for them or when they need your support. Memories are all about good times in the company of each other.

Find time for each other. Make the other person your priority and you’ll be on your way to a happy marriage.

The secret to a balanced life with your spouse


In today's world, we often find it difficult to take time out for our spouse. But, how does one solve it? Mahatria has the answers in this insightful video.

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