Many disputes are centred around the “do you care for me”. Your spouse evaluates this by seeing how much you care for the things that they love, are passionate about, is close to their heart or spend more time on.

Some of those things could be:

I love going to my parents’ home on Saturdays

I spend a lot of time to keep the home clean

I love my cookery classes

My charity work creates meaning for me in life

I love reading a book when I have the time

How can you show you care:

By joining her in visiting her parents on Saturdays

By offering to help in keeping the home tidy

By appreciating what she cooks or driving to the cookery class

By helping raise funds for charity or joining her in activities

By reading together or discussing the book or buying her favourite author’s new book

When can you do this?

When you listen to what your spouse says and note the details of what they like or love to do, you can show your genuine care for them. Observing, remembering and acting upon things they care about shows your love and care for them. It can be as simple as remembering her favourite food, colour, restaurant, song, friend or holiday destination. If you like what they love, you’re on your way to a happy marriage.

Try it and you’ll find their love for your grow by the day.

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