Giving is the key to spiritual happiness

Giving is the key to spiritual happiness
Most of us think that there’s happiness in receiving. What about the joy of giving?

From good food to cool clothes, and yes, love too…we all need many things. While there’s no doubt that we do feel happy, sometimes delighted, when we get something…we often forget the joy of giving.

No matter what our circumstance, humans have the ability to give. And giving brings meaning, fulfillment, and happiness.

In any relationship if you think about “How can I contribute to put a smile on the other’s face? – the whole meaning of the relationship changes. When you give, your experience expands. Your personality expands beyond limitations.

It’s a transforming experience.

Giving results in an experience of joy, love and care.

Doing so makes you happy because as social beings we’re made to love, care and share. There’s fulfillment in that.

A lot of people give money to the needy, for charity and so on. Money is not the only thing you can give. You could spare time for a cause. You can share a few words of encouragement for someone. Any and all types of giving brings bliss to the giver. It fills one’s being with happiness and boundless energy.

Now, back to marriage. When you marry, spare a thought for the person who’s going to spend the rest of their life with you. Don’t forget, their time is mostly to be spent with you.

And so, do they not deserve your love?

By deciding to make their life beautiful… you will actually welcome happiness into your own life.

Respect them the way they are and welcome them into your life with love. Compliment them for what they do. Support them in their dreams.

Even a smile, a kind word or a hug is also meaningful giving. The warmth and concern for your spouse is more meaningful then anything you possess. Enduring inner joy lies in selfless giving.

The paradox is that if you give and expect to be given, you’ll not receive any reward. Be selfless, expect nothing in return…just like a mother’s love for her child.

It’s a privilege to give. So give your time, your love and your wisdom. When you treat your wife like a queen, in return you’ll be the king (and vice versa).

Giving your love is the key to spiritual happiness. Do it and watch your relationship blossom like a flower.

Stop Expecting, Start Giving. Here is How You Do It.


In a relationship, before expecting someone to be the source of your happiness, you should find happiness within yourself. That is the only way to maintain love and have a happy married life, as this video iterates.

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