It’s a commitment because you both agree that your relationship should be happy and forever. Both of you agree to care and share with each other. That come what may, through good and bad times, you will stick with each other. Fight challenges together. Support one another to succeed in everything you undertake.

It’s like a mother’s commitment to the child – no questions asked. The mother just wants the child to grow up with joy and become an adult. She gives the child all the love and care without expecting anything in return.

After marriage, everything you do involves your life partner – home life, vacations, family. You do everything to make the spouse’s life beautiful. You consult them before a major decision. That’s why marriage is a commitment. You care and share things with your spouse.

After some years you have to take care of children and bring them up responsibly. That needs commitment. You commit the best years of your life to the best person for you, for the happiest time of your life.

To enrich your relationship, to further the bonds of love, there’s a need for commitment.

But commitment is not a burden, it’s not negative. It’s positive and energising.

Man and woman are by nature made to be with each other. So commitment means love, time and care for your spouse. It means living a happy life.

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