Want a Happy Marriage? Then Discuss Things You May Not Want to Compromise On

Everyone looking to marry must be clear about things they don’t want to compromise on. It’s very important to discuss these with your prospective partner. But what are these things?

Working after marriage
Making a career choice (to work or not) is one thing women should discuss right at the start. If you have been a working woman and would continue work even after your wedding, then you should communicate this to your prospect.

Can’t stand some habits?
There are certain habits that you might not want to put up with. Be it smoking or drinking or anything at all, make sure to communicate this to the prospective bride or groom.

Passion you’d like to pursue
Never ask your prospect to give up his/ her passions in life. Ask and know well what their passions are and see if you can support them. If you have a passion, be it dancing, singing or trekking, that you want to pursue post marriage and it requires some days or a few hours every week, be sure to work out an agreement on this.

Sharing part of salary with your family
At times, we need to support a brother or sister’s education or perhaps elderly parent’s medical expenses. In that case, if you wish to continue giving a part of your income to your parents even after your marriage (since they might be totally dependent on you) then do not forget telling this to your prospective partner and seek his/ her support. Tell him that you need to continue to support them and what share of money from your income you plan to give to them.

Want to be an entrepreneur?
If you wish to get out of a regular 9-5 job and be an entrepreneur then do tell him/ her while the initial talks are on! Do know from them if they are good with this decision of yours or not. You certainly need their support to pursue entrepreneurship.

Dislike non-vegetarian food
Eating habits are something that have to be shared. Tell your prospect your food preference (veg, non-veg, etc.) and see if it goes well with them. Even if you have certain things like not eating non-veg on Thursdays or something similar you need to make it clear.

Some beliefs are dear to you
Your values and beliefs in life are something you should discuss. Just because you are getting married you need not give up on your values and faith on certain things in life. Be it your specific religious beliefs or the way you like or dislike certain things.

Settling abroad for a few years
It’s quite possible that you plan to work abroad for a few years. This may be something you want to discuss and agree since you don’t want to have surprises post marriage.

These are a few of the things you may not want to compromise on and therefore worth discussing. Have more? Share in the comment section below.

Divya Jay

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