7 qualities you should look for in a life partner

As one considers choosing a life partner and settling down, what qualities to look for? Here are some important things to consider.

Respects your views
It’s not necessary for your partner to agree with all your views. But mutual respect for differences enriches the relationship.

Supportive of your passions
Your prospective partner must support your dreams, be it career or a hobby. That’s a sign of willingness to build the future together.

Gives you space
We have to accept the reality that despite marriage, we all need to have space to do our own things. Your partner must be willing to give that space, happily.

Trustworthy and responsible
Relationships are built on trust. He or she must check with you when in doubt. And be accountable for his or her decisions.

Treats your family like his own
A man or woman in love with you will always treat your family as his own. This is a very critical quality you should look for while choosing a life partner.

Is vulnerable
When you partner shares with you his/ her fears and failures, then the relationship is open and positive.

Willingness to share household chores
If the man is keen on helping with cooking and the woman on fixing the leaking tap together, the bonds of love strengthen.

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