First fight – how do you deal with it

First fight – how do you deal with it
The first fight with your spouse can be seemingly difficult to handle. How to manage?

Patience, understanding and love will surely and steadily lead to a happy marriage. Here’s guidance to manage your feelings after the fight.

Ok, so you had your first fight after marriage and you are terribly upset over it. Understandably so. First fights can be particularly disconcerting because you are still getting to know each other and aren’t quite sure how to deal with tricky situations. But don’t lose heart – it is perfectly normal for couples to fight. In fact, it is a sign that your relationship is growing and that you are slowly learning to be more candid with each other.

Whether it was a minor tiff or a full-blown battle, the good news is that it is completely within your power to restore the peace and harmony in your relationship. How about trying some of these tips to ease out the situation?

Exercise restraint

In the heat of the moment, it is easy to say or do things you might regret later. At times like these, it makes more sense to back off from the scene and give yourself and your partner some space to cool off. Once you are all sorted within, it is easier to confront the situation and look at things from a more rational perspective.

Write it down

Sometimes, it can be rather difficult for a new couple to clearly spell out their true feelings, which can lead to frustration and resentment. Was it really the wet towel on the bed or has something else been bothering you which led to the outburst? It helps to recognize the root cause of discord and find ways to put that across to your partner. If talking about it face-to-face seems too overwhelming, why not write a heartfelt letter? This way, you will be able to convey your side of the story without any interruptions or arguments and your partner will get a chance to mull over your words with a calm mind.

Keep out the crowd

When you are upset, bringing your parents, in-laws or friends into the picture might seem like a tempting idea – but is seldom a good one. Sometimes, external intervention may worsen the situation and make your partner feel cheated and isolated. As a couple, you are indeed better off working on your differences on your own, even if it may take a little longer.

Unconditional love is the way to a successful relationship

Remember, a successful marriage isn’t one that is devoid of fights – it is one where both partners are willing to embrace the differences and love each other unconditionally. Your first fight is an opportunity to build the deeper foundations of your relationship. You will soon learn what works and what doesn’t with your partner; what ticks them off and what melts their heart.

Secret to real peace between couples


Your first fight with your significant other can be an overwhelming experience. But it's important to keep your calm. Watch this video to know more.

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