Men and women share the same emotions such as love and affection but how they express them is quite different. Find out.

Men are conditioned not to express emotions
Men have been socially conditioned not to express emotions openly and they have problems expressing them in words. They want to feel in control of their emotions and show they care through actions. Women on the other hand are at ease expressing themselves through words.

Men separate their feelings from their thinking, thanks to the corpus callosum, the part of the brain which connects the left and right brain hemisphere. This means that contrary to the expectations of women fed on a diet of mushy romantic movies, they don’t spout poetry or whip up romantic dialogues at the drop of a hat!

Men need recognition, women need reassurance
Another key difference is that women feel cared for when a man recognises their emotions and feelings and empathises with them with reassuring words. Men on the other hand want their acts, talents and achievements recognised.

Men bond by doing activities together, wives can bring out their loving side by enlisting them to help with say baking a cake or cleaning the house. Make these routine chores acts of love by also using them as an opportunity to share thoughts.

Women bond by talking. However, do not jump into a conversation at any time. Wait for an appropriate time when your man is relaxed, for instance do not choose the time when your man just enters the home after a tired day to launch into a discussion.

Men buy things to show they care
When a man really cares, he will not just buy a random gift. He will make sure he chooses one that she will like. When a man gives a woman his time, this is a precious gift to be accepted with appreciation.

Men also show they care by mirroring body language, though this is quite subconscious. As your relationship continues to grow, you will find that you both are in tune in many ways. Maybe it’s the way he mimics your hand gestures while talking or the way you draw your eyebrows upward when surprised.

Physical touch is expression of love and care
Initiating intimacy and staying physically close are ways that men love to use to express their love. A casual stroking of the spouse’s hair, holding hands or putting his arms around her are ways that love is spoken without a word.

Men have the protective instinct and will take efforts to make a woman feel safe. This could be physical or emotional. For instance, a husband may ensure that emotionally painful news such as a friend’s betrayal is broken softly.

Men and women are unique
For a marriage to be happy, both spouses must accept that each has a different way of expressing love and appreciate them for what they are. Never try to compare your spouse’s way of showing love with another. Each person is unique, shower your love, give without holding back and it will return manifold to you. That is the beauty of true love, the essence of an emotion that will uphold the marriage.

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