Beware Couples! Smartphones Can Strain Your Relationship

Beware Couples! Smartphones can strain your relationship

Learn to overcome the hurdle of “My partner is always on the phone or net.”

How couples allow technology to take over

Technology is integrated tightly into our lives like never before. Without realising it, couples today are allowing it to interfere with their relationship. Constant texting during dinner, surfing the internet in the evenings and using smartphones on the bed can impact your relationship very negatively. The outcome can range from irritation, anger, frustration to loneliness.

Quality time takes a backseat

Quality time is not just about being physically present next to your spouse. It’s about being physically and mentally engaged with each other. A fine example would be the couple sitting side by side, yet stuck on their laptops or smartphones. Many do not even realise this fact.

Are you disconnected in a connected world?

Technology is believed to connect but ironically it can isolate you from your spouse. When you get too addicted or involved with technology, you are likely to get cut off from your spouse. You would stop seeing the finer details of the relationship or any issues that your spouse is going through. This would make your spouse feel unloved and upset.

If you have kids then it could be a bit more challenging.

Set boundaries for technology

Technology can ruin your relationship if you allow it to control you. Instead, tame it. Schedule a time for calls, chats and watching videos.

Breakfast, dinner and coffee times are strictly for family. Use it to share thoughts with your spouse and family.

When on holidays, try to stay away from technology as far as possible. Spend more time with your spouse and you will find this deeper and more enriching than anything technology could even hope to bring.

Work out a specific time when both can be on the smartphones or iPads at the same time or even play games together.

What your spouse needs from you is time, apart from love and care, so free some time from gadgets and be hooked to each other instead.

Perhaps you could even have a “No gadgets day” one day of the week. Both could stay away from the device and spend more time together.

Addicted to your phone?


Ever found yourself scrolling through your phone while your partner speaks to you? You could have a phone addiction. Watch to find out more.

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