Be Grateful for the Things Your Partner Does for You

Be Grateful for the Things your Partner does for You

We feel grateful when our spouse does something special for us. Do we express it?

Appreciation is the voice of gratitude. While gratitude is an emotion, expressing that gratitude is appreciation.

In the mad rush of today’s life, many don’t feel that it is necessary to even say something as simple as “Thank you” when the partner makes an extra effort to support, do household chores or cook.

That’s because we take too many things for granted.

So when do you appreciate your spouse? There is no such thing as a fitting moment. Every opportunity is a right moment.

How do you Show Gratitude to your Spouse?

When your wife dresses up well for you, say something nice. Appreciation is to say that it was a great meal after your husband puts in extra effort to cook something special for you. Spending more time with your spouse is an expression of appreciation. The opportunities are endless.

When your spouse makes a mistake, as all spouses are bound to do, overlooking the little ones is a show of appreciation. Remember, it takes strength to forgive. Besides, such magnanimity will not go unnoticed and your spouse will reciprocate this generosity.

Advantages of Appreciating

Expressing gratitude at every opportunity has two significant advantages. In the beginning expressing gratitude may be mechanical. But as time goes we begin to sincerely feel what we say. And this sincerity will become apparent to your spouse. That is one aspect.

The other aspect is that when your spouse begins to see that she or he is truly appreciated for the additional effort, the bonding between the two becomes stronger and gratitude becomes spontaneously mutual.

Make it a habit to tell your spouse how grateful you are without the expectation of anything in return. Soon you will find that you get more appreciation than you give.

Laud your spouse for making you feel special.

Being grateful to your partner


When you are grateful to your partner, you can feel the peace within. Get to know how this happens in this video!

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