8 questions to ask before marriage

8 questions to ask before marriage

Prepare for marriage by understanding what will make the relationship work well for you.

Do you accept each other as you are?

Several pressures come upon a bride or groom during marriage – advancing age, need to settle down, peer pressure, parental expectations… but do not be forced by circumstances to make the most important decision in your life, in a hurry.

You have met the partner a couple of times and spoken, ask yourself if deep inside you, there’s happiness in accepting the other person as a partner for life. Are there shortcomings that may hurt your relationship later? Will both of you accept the other as they are, without having to make any changes.

Do you have compatible values, interests and goals?

If both of you have common values to share and cherish, a promising life lies ahead. Religious beliefs, child rearing, roles to play after marriage, views on family relationship, personal value systems, there needs to be broad acceptance on such things.

Are your families comfortable with the marriage?

Traditionally, Indian marriages are between two families, more than between two individuals. It’s critical for you to work and gain acceptance from your family. Especially, if they’re going to be staying with you after marriage.

How comfortable are you when with your would-be partner?

Let’s all agree that not everything can be understood in a few meetings. But Nature provides each one of us with an innate gut feeling which most often can be relied on.

If you feel at ease in the company of your intended partner, then you’re more likely to make a good pair.
Did you discuss future roles for each other?

These days when women are keen on pursuing careers, and many men look for economic stability, it’s best to discuss the roles you’d play. When to take a career break, going the family way, managing the home – do you agree these have to be discussed and broadly agreed upon?

Are you feeling good in the company of prospective in-laws?

The blessings of in-laws are important for success in a couple’s life. How connected are you to them? Is there a sense of bonding and happiness when you meet them. Are you aware of their expectations from you?

Are you aware of the responsibilities, post marriage?

By marrying, you agree to be beside your partner during the long journey… loving, guiding and sharing the twists and turns of life. There’s also a responsibility towards parents and siblings. Besides, you’ll have to manage the expectations of the in-laws. Not to forget planning your own family, investing in a new home, taking your partner out and visiting in-laws and family regularly.

Is there a deep need inside you for companionship?

Finally, a very important discovery needs to be made. Are you feeling the need for love and companionship at this point in life? Do you want an anchor in a companion? Are you ready for marriage?

If your marriage is driven by the longing for someone who cares for what you love, then your foundation is strong. Go ahead!

Marriage is the most important decision you’ll make in your life. Take time to understand the meaning, be aware of the responsibilities and take a firm step.

Best wishes for a happy married life.

How do you know if you are compatible for marriage? This video answers these questions.


Knowing whether you are compatible with your partner before marriage can help you make your married life happy and smooth. But how will you know? Ask these questions and get a clear idea.

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