5 Ways to Support Your Spouse Through a Work Crisis

5 ways to support your spouse through a work crisis

Going through a work crisis can be easy with support from the spouse. How?

Today’s workplace is filled with competition, pressure to meet deadlines and unexpected career issues that can crop up without notice. This can seem quite overwhelming and so it’s important to be supportive of your spouse while going through this difficult phase. Here are a few simple ways in which you can support your spouse through a work crisis:

1. Don’t take things personally

A work crisis can weigh very heavily on your spouse’s mind and you may have to combat with mood swings as well. This could range from frustration, anger to depression. You may find your spouse suddenly snapping at you for minor things or for no reason at all, but don’t get upset and definitely do not take this personally. Unable to take the stress, your spouse could be venting out his or her feelings. Most of us cannot show our true feelings at work and have to bottle it up. This eventually is thrown out at a dear one.

2. Get to the real reason

Sometimes things are not what they seem on the surface. Spend time with your spouse and encourage your spouse to share details of the crisis and get to the bottom of it. Once you know what exactly is bothering your spouse, you may also be able to come up with a few suggestions to help.

3. Show your support

When a spouse is undergoing a work crisis many other insecurities that were lying dormant may rise to the top. These insecurities could include worries about the future, the situation of the family, what would happen if he or she loses the job and so on. Stand by your spouse like a pillar and reassure him or her that you will be there, no matter what. Emphasize that whatever the problem is, both of you will handle it together as a team.

4. Put your love into action

Show empathy and shower love on your spouse. See if you can take over a few of the household responsibilities from your spouse for a while. This can provide some relief.

5. Come up with a Plan B

The uncertainty at work can keep your spouse on the tenterhooks. Help your spouse come up with a Plan B in case things at work do not go as expected. This can relieve a lot of stress and put things in better perspective and the problem will not seem so big anymore.

A career crisis is one of the toughest things for a spouse to go through and can put tremendous pressure on the person. However, as the better half you can help change things.

The answer to everything- support and love


Watch this video as Gaur Gopal Das narrates a heartwarming tale of a couple dealing with a work crisis and how they overcome it together.

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