3 Things to be Aware of in Your Safe Search for a Life Partner

3 Things to be Aware of in Your Safe Search for a Life Partner

Here are a few things that you should do while searching for a life partner.

Today, a large number of people use online matrimony services to search for a life partner and millions have been married online. There have been a few instances reported in the media about fraudsters cheating some people on online matrimony sites. Safe Matrimony is BharatMatrimony’s initiative to guide you to a safe search.

Never ever give money to anyone

Anybody asking you for money is in all probability a fraudster. They generally claim to be separated, divorced or living abroad and mostly target men and women in the age group 30 to 40, besides divorcees and widowers. Such people don’t show their face and won’t come on video chat. They may even use somebody else’s photos. They win over you through sweet talks and false promises. Later they ask for money making up false stories like being stuck at the airport, lost credit cards and wallet, met with a sudden accident or someone is critically ill at home. In some cases, they say they want to send you money to settle down in India and later someone calls saying it is stuck at customs and need money to release the same. Fraudsters usually ask for single transfer of large sums. Some start with small amounts and follow up with requests for large sums.

Not advisable to meet alone

Avoid meeting anyone alone and in a secluded place, instead meet them in public as it avoids many a risk.

Check background details before committing to marriage

Please commit to marriage only after face to face meetings, especially after meeting prospective groom or bride’s parents/ relatives. Visit their place of work. Do a thorough personal reference check and you may also want to look at their social media profiles. If the person is reluctant to share workplace or job details or meet in person along with parents you should be cautious. Do not commit to marriage or continue to communicate with such people.

The road to your matrimony journey should not be marred by any hindrances. Worried you’ve met someone on the marriage site who may be a potential threat? Immediately stop communication and ensure you have relevant screenshots and other information in case it gets out of hand.


Prevention is better than cure in your safe search for your life partner. Here is how to do it.


When considering a candidate for marriage, it is your utmost responsibility to ensure your security. This video gives you some pointers on how to ensure the same.

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