10 Ways to a Better Relationship with In-laws

10 Ways to Better Relationship with In-laws

Life does feel really good for a couple when the bond is cemented by matrimony. Life is a celebration when the couple relaxes in sprawling coastlines or in rustic mountain resorts of amazing honeymoon destinations. And then, life gets real when marriage comes with a funny tagline – It is not just a union of two souls, but two families!

Here are 10 amazing ways to better relationship with in-laws.

1. Maintain discretion. No matter how good an equation you share with your in-laws, try to solve your interpersonal conflicts with absolute discretion. That way, you are less likely to be judged for your shortcomings.

2. Encourage family dinners/ outings. Involve them in family get-togethers. Know your in-laws well before you attempt to judge them.

3. Remember and wish them on special days. Warming up may be initially delayed, but it is definitely not denied.

4. Communicate correctly. Striking the right conversation with the right tone saves you from unpleasant situations.

5. Respect their knowledge. While you accept your in-laws, you should also look at their good side, which is most likely their knowledge and years of experience.

6. They are grandparents too. Children are routers that connect you and your in-laws. Need say more?

7. Be patient. Living with your in-laws and expecting mutual acceptance immediately cannot happen overnight. You need to work on it patiently, and with love and respect.

8. Be honest. Express emotions honestly yet tactfully keeping in mind, not to hurt their feelings. You will be understood better than you expect to be.

9. Accept them for who they are. It is not a great idea to expect your in-laws to change for you as much as you would hate changing yourself for them. So, if there is a part of them that you are unable to accept, do not talk about it.

10. They are family. Last but not the least; they are very much a part of your life. Remember, they gave birth to the person with whom you chose to spend the rest of your life with.

In every relationship you have to give something more than you take. The same is true for matrimony too.

Sharing a special relationship with your in-laws improves your family life


Be a beacon of joy to the home you have joined, shares Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in this beautiful video on in-laws.

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